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1958 year 1 September Taushik village (the former center of the Mangistau region) the distance between the extreme western side of the four or five kilometers from the standalone mine the country's point of Mangistau peninsula 7 for the first time in the mechanization of agriculture was the opening ceremony of the School №82. Military school cadets appearance forms of suit pants, given the forehead with the hammer and sickle sign hat, All were dressed. There are also men, including girls birneşelegen. The number of these long 111 was. 17 they were above the age of seven class youth with education.

Celebration was created by the first director of the school and its delta was opening speech of the citizens Xalekes T.Akhtanova: "The Central Committee of the CPSU 1953 On September plenary session of the history of agriculture in the country by order of schools to be established in trains. there, has opened in our district this year. Tag schools now made available to the labor reserves system. You gave us in the village and district departments under the direction of the Executive Committee of the Council of paper do you come from. I wish you good luck to the new school year, Congratulations step, We wish you the quality of education!»

After Xalekeñnen Alman, deputy director of the school at that time Bïmwxanov, teachers Niyaz Derbisov, Hamza spoke Gwsmanovtar. Expressed best wishes.

School year of teaching staff has not been a full seven. The school could not be successful in the material-technical base. In the same year, the intervention of the high places far from the city of Uralsk college Alman Bïmwxanov, Zulqaş Mülkäy experts come, working more than one year, The identification of the work of the school has proved to be a fall, teachers should indicate, quality education has a positive impact on cadets. Internal organizational work, was not less than the specific features of the training in school. Visual equipment development, to establish the rule, respectively, in accordance with the requirements of the training program, and to strengthen the discipline required, cultural coverage, Sports, such as the implementation of public works stood in front of numerous events.

School was built for former miners, three decades later was impure was a big building house. If one of the educational institution, two dormitory. Required types of vehicles, bedding, furniture and property of water brought by Guryev. And the departure from the ideal of the new school year begins worked together as a team members of the team led by Xalekeñ. School was a period of eleven months. Here versatile tractor driver, Work was done in the direction of the livestock industry and combine training. boards and, Our grain, Commenting on the study agriculture Combine not only. Teacher creation of conditions for staff, their home district to provide a smooth leadership also gave great support. Where the then first secretary of the district committee of the party organization did not take attention Qağazov self-checkout. I graduated from mechanics go between the tractor and the car should be able to conduct and Right. In addition, the use of animal husbandry Veterinary rules, put the methods of artificial insemination, forty units trained in the use Address.

In addition to applicants in accordance with the curriculum of theoretical knowledge of the area farms, district machine and tractor repair station in the industrial practice. Enrolled directly to the hostel at the state's expense, clothing, food and depending on the progress of a lesson, 100-200 scholarships soms (scholarship) was provided. soon,, the second academic year, the number increased to 140 cadets.

Then the teacher is not the source of a number of shots at the moment, god, death has become the next world. But their name was written in golden letters in the history of the school.

However, the first of the above types of equipment needed in the school, agricultural machines was not. Then the teacher and school staff work hard, has managed to create out of nothing.

The first director of the village of Atyrau region Xalekes T.Akhtanova Psalms 1925 citizen was born in. He Tawşıqtağı School walked in the machinery and tractor repair station director. In his many years in the Soviet Army, He held senior positions in highly qualified, so so, Other strict knew claim. In the establishment of normal school work, organizational talapkerligimen received a special eye. He would highlight their own interests rather than the public interest. While the head of the college, a few kilometers away from the old house Tawşıqtağı School was walking access.

Currently alive, Labor Veteran Sultan Nurzhanov Xalekeñ memoirs he wrote about:

"Seven 7 kilometers from the mine to the center" Socgorodoktağı "I want to walk to the meeting. And when he plays as executive secretary of the regional executive committee. Once arrived late for the meeting Xalekeñ. Qoşıq chairman of the district executive committee Kaziev: "Why are you late?» – I asked for an explanation. Then Xalekeñ: "I called out as soon as, Wasting no time, no place during this accelerating " – said. "How?» – that surprised the rest of the head Xalekeñ: "The school provided by private car to the Director. And there are two cadets learn to drive the car as the car. They were transferred to the same farmers. "It is not to the detriment of the training program, – replied. Q.Qazïev: "If someone other than you, Let's put the cadets, "Oh I would like to ride machine – The form that he was pleased with the internally Xalekeñe, the collection was going to. For many years he also headed the dignity of the School of Life As Sagyndykov: "Xalekeñ away from the" real Communist çestnıy, the soul, Signature was a clean man. He is the chairman of the regional agro-industrial complex, retired. 1995 died in the city of Aktau ".

* * *

fiery youth, selfless courage, viable arts education has become a den of this school of Zhanaozen of the Mangistau peninsula, In the city of Fort-Shevchenko, Turkmenistan, Karakalpakstan There were many students come brotherly republics, such as. So 1964 here in 256 students read, a variety of trained mechanics. Well equipped with the theoretical lessons 5 classes, 1 Laboratory, for practical lessons 3 workshop. automobile, tractor, other agricultural machinery have been enough. Community-based club, worked in the library. Where amateur club 34 creative public art to throwing a bouquet, Audience church many times subdued. It also led the artists of the late light Süyewbaev. 1964 the best in school 15 singer, musician Guryev region took part in the competition organized labor reserves amateur, The first place prize is not given to anyone. The final concert, then the first secretary of the Party Committee of the region thanked M.Ïsenov, gifts, and wished success. School sporting events has been established. their district, regional level games, few points shot, won the Grand Prix race.

school growth, on the rise, Every year their wellbeing, put forward the fruits of true. 1966 warm 137 students read. different grades 8 car, 11 tractor, grass taylaw unit, other agricultural machinery was enough. Visual equipment – "Ukraine-4", thin tape kïnoapparatı missing. This kïnoapparattardı "road construction", "Street rules comply with the order", "Tractor, Construction of agricultural machines "as used in the past lessons. During those years, the school 3 highly educated, 2 vocational education specialist teachers worked.

* * *

School of 1964-81 "Excellence in technical and vocational education in the USSR in the head of the" Life Sagyndykov. This really specialists in the school years jack, Education has become a den of sound stages were. Soul, a specialist in the education of their youth Zhumash Sobalaqov, Becker Sarsenbayev, Science Dosmaganbetov, Mırzaғali Asylbayev, Nura Bazylov, other teachers did.

1980 Tawşıqtağı since the school moved to the district center of Shetpe. A new type of three-storey buildings under construction, put into operation. here 4 the general education curriculum cabinet, Public courses for a room, special lessons 9 classrooms were. The office of the modern visual and technical equipment. Efficient use of leisure time for cadets, their cultural, continuous health care coverage, worked uninterrupted. School support animal husbandry, pasture, grasslands and arable lands. It allowed itself to get to know students achieve in the field of agriculture. School of creative innovation, US initiatives, Noble became the center of activities. In these years, the school teachers of Kazakhstan Sarsenbayev's name in vain "Gold" are forever inscribed in the Book of Honor, Niyaz Derbisov "Order of the Red Banner of Labor", Science Dosmaganbetov "Kazakh SSR was awarded" Excellence in technical and vocational education.


Among the first graduates of the school were studying a group of women. Among them Tawşıqtağı Mäzïra Äbdimuratqızı, Gülbazar Baytilewqızı, Tuşçıqudıqtan Salikha Kemelhanov, Qanzïya split ends with Jarılğasınovalar. Mäzïra and remains Gülbazar school, was responsible for, Saleh and Qanzïya collective farms mixing a tractor in summer and winter, worked. The names referred to in gratitude, was always.

In the seventies and eighties farms in the area of ​​short-term school opened shepherds and mechanics training courses. 1963-66 Read the years on the job, 600-The young left-specialty tractor driver over. Mechanics has been adjusted accordingly be given theoretical and practical in terms of quality education.

Graduated from the school in different years Küşikbaev delay, Sabit Zharmaganbetov, Shahy Zauzanbaev, Aymaganbetov others to higher education, area, He held senior positions in our district. He Құlşabay Sabıtaev, Bish Sejtmaġanbetov, Qoyqanov elections as well as dozens of graduates of the school district, the region became a "champion" traktorïsteri.

However, these days, one of the graduates of the school when they retired at the age of, and he was ahead of some of. the establishment of the school 2013 warm 55 anniversary of the. During these long years, more than 12,400 college students received a start in life. Time has changed the name of the school on the occasion of the stream,. So 1958 "agricultural mechanization School №82", and then "vocational and technical education school №82", later changed to "technical schools" is No. 5. In recent years, a mid-level professionals in today's modern new training, the mechanism of action was put forward in the direction of the organization. Thus akim of the region 2008 Resolution №372 of "Mangistau Technical College was established as", State-owned utility began its work in August of the same year as the original dynamics. The current competitive training under the direction of system services. here 374 youth study. They use the "oil and gas fields", "The maintenance of vehicles, operation and maintenance ", "Welding", "Accounting and Auditing", "Construction and operation of buildings and houses are trained in the field". Another significant trend news 2009-2010 opened the academic year, the college distance learning, then 131 Young trained in various specialties.

college 16 classrooms, fully equipped with the necessary equipment for training workshops, 2 laboratory, avtotrenazher classes, The document architecture, sports halls, well-equipped 120 There are chairs in the dining. And the day-to-day practice sessions are used for different grades 7 car, 8 tractors and various agricultural equipment and machinery in good condition, is always ready to use. As well as 200 There are also double hostel. Today's modern multimedia, 1 language laboratory (in English) offices and technical-contained laboratory equipment Physics, work in chemistry classrooms. training workshop 12 the position of the tower welding shop. This means that 12 students will be able to carry out welding work at the same time the word. Educational workshop welding shop special ventilation unit, fire protection and alarm system installed. And "work" shop special tables set Plumbing, plumbing equipment. "Construction" for carrying out construction work on the shop floor have enough modern equipment. Oil kaçalkanıñ working in the laboratory layout is, the necessary equipment placed. "Avtotrenajer this sequence is fully equipped with a class of".

"Colleges" Qarqudıqmunay, "Kommunay", "Kaspïycement" vocational and technical training in order to among the enterprises signed a memorandum on cooperation. I want to stretch out their hands and take care of some of them to college. So, Kommunay "sponsorship", 2007 In academic year 5 a computer, TV set, He NKOK company 2008 warm 13 donated computer.

Systematic education of students, quality education teacher personnel in significant labor. They are mostly young staff. Every year, the country's Astana, Almaty, Ural, Aktau, trainings held.

Cultural measures include the work of the students is not on the agenda. It works with amateur club. They Mangistau Festival "Stars", contribute to the protection of the dignity of the district. As well as various sporting events over the job of carrying out.

For more than half a century of thousands Quotes slot Mangistau Technical College in various sectors of the national economy, which is, no doubt, will offer in the training field to continue the process of.